Amy Wilton Photography | About



I am always looking for the light.  It can be 11 o’clock at night and the shadows change slightly in the hallway because a cat walked past the nightlight, I notice.

When I am in a shaded alleyway between two buildings, but there is still beautiful light reflected on my son’s face, I turn to see where it emanates from.

My husband is a musician and will notice every note of every song that is playing in the background of his noisy workplace.  That is how I am with light.  I notice it, always.  I am always keenly aware of its quality and intensity.  It’s warmth or coolness.  It’s lack or abundance.

Light is energy.  My job is to capture that energy and use it in a way, regardless of its abundance or lack, to create emotion in an image, a visceral reaction by the viewer.

Photography, for me, is not just a job, it is who I am.  Even when I don’t have my camera, I am still seeing images in my mind.  I’m practicing, always practicing, so that when I do have my tool in hand, I know exactly what to do.

My approach is the same whether I am photographing food for a cook book or a Maine wedding.  I make an emotional connection with the subject.  I feel that it’s that connection, and my ability to tell a story, that make my images my own.  I love the energy of a bride and her wedding party an hour before the wedding.  I love the way a perfect tomato looks when you get the light just right.  And the way it tastes when the shoot is over.  I love the gift I have of being able to see the light!

I see the light, make a connection, tell the story.  

Personally, I am a mom, a wife, a feminist and an athlete.  I  have undergrad and graduate degrees in photography and when I'm not photographing, am a rowing coach - with a camera around my neck, of course.  I've been working professionally as a photographer for the past 20 years.

I love to teach; photography, rowing or anything else.  I can even teach your uncle how to change his camera battery on your wedding day...if he asks.

I live in Hope, Maine with my family, a cat and a big dog.